<h2>Press Release: Launch of Forging Founders</h2>

Scottsdale, Arizona-(Hexa PR Wire-May 31, 2023)-Taylor Ping, CEO of Hierarchy Media and a champion of women’s entrepreneurship, is set to unveil Forging Founders, a groundbreaking publication connecting ambitious entrepreneurs with insights from global industry leaders. The publication, designed as a comprehensive resource for individuals stepping into various business sectors and emerging industries, is scheduled for a live launch on May 20, 2023.

<h2>Forging Founders: Unearthing Entrepreneurial Insights</h2>

Forging Founders is more than just a publication; it’s a trove of knowledge and insights from a broad spectrum of business professionals – venture capitalists, fund managers, tech entrepreneurs, and women non-profit founders. By presenting in-depth articles that explore the expertise of these industry leaders, Forging Founders is committed to nurturing the upcoming generation of business pioneers.

<h2>Taylor Ping: Empowering Businesses</h2>

Taylor Ping, the brain behind Forging Founders, is an entrepreneur par excellence. As the founder and CEO of Hierarchy Media, she has dedicated her career to building brand value and broadening her reach through education. With several training courses under her belt, she is helping individuals worldwide achieve professional and personal success.

Taylor’s efforts extend beyond her business pursuits, as she actively supports international entrepreneurs and brands in a variety of industries. She is also the founder of the Risen Group, an investment group aimed at creating positive global impact.

<h2>Scale My Publication: Boosting Online Presence</h2>

Michael Peres, renowned as Mikey Peres, is a significant player in the creation of Forging Founders. His company, Scale My Publication, is known for offering a wide array of online services to bolster the digital presence of publications. With expertise in software engineering and a passion for news and media, Peres and his team have brought unparalleled value to the Forging Founders project.

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