Laurie Moulton is a female entrepreneur breaking social barriers and opening new economic opportunities in the Coachella Valley.

“I get so excited about women in business,” Moulton said. “I get excited about the expansion they bring to the marketplace and all the opportunities they create.”

Moulton owns and operates Lux Box Agency, Lolo Interiors, and House of Lolo, joining the surge of women running their own businesses.

A new Wells Fargo study shows women-owned businesses are growing faster than male-owned ones. “The faster growth of women-owned businesses is a testament to long-term efforts in promoting inclusive entrepreneurship,” said Qingfang Wang, a public policy professor at UC Riverside.

Women-owned businesses now make up about 40 percent of all U.S. businesses, with around 14 million in total. Wang expects this number to rise but notes challenges such as access to capital, gender bias, and balancing business and family responsibilities.

As Moulton expands her business portfolio, she is also taking on the role of a mentor, inspiring the next generation of female entrepreneurs. “Laurie is my biggest role model,” said Briggsy, digital marketing manager at House of Lolo. “She is an incredible entrepreneur and leader, motivating and inspiring me every day.”