While Patti LaBelle is often recognized for her musical achievements, including her Grammy awards and hits like “Lady Marmalade”, her venture into the food business is garnering attention in retail circles. Her brand, “Patti’s Good Life,” has found a place on the shelves of major American retailers, including Walmart.

A Foray into the Food Industry

Approximately 15 years ago, LaBelle launched “Patti’s Good Life” in her hometown of Philadelphia. Initially starting with a line of hot sauces, she has since expanded her offerings. The product range now includes various comfort foods such as peach cobbler, sweet potato pie, chicken and biscuits, and mac n’ cheese, all based on LaBelle’s own recipes.

In recent financial data, the brand reported nearly $200 million in gross sales. Notably, sales from Walmart alone accounted for $85 million. After expenses, Patti’s Good Life reported approximately $20 million in revenue for the year.

Quality Control and Product Development

LaBelle’s approach to her product line emphasizes quality. She personally tests the products, sometimes multiple times, before they are released to the market. This was the case with the sweet potato pie, which saw significant sales when introduced to Walmart in 2015. Feedback from Walmart’s CEO, Doug McMillon, noted LaBelle’s commitment to overseeing her product line and her understanding of the need for product improvement and adaptation in the retail environment.

Expansion Plans

The brand is expected to introduce new products in the future. There is an anticipated release of wines, including varieties such as a rosé, a sauvignon blanc, and a cabernet. Additionally, the Patti’s Good Life frozen breakfast range, which started with pancakes and waffles, is set to expand with the introduction of a diabetic-friendly syrup.