Discover six crucial guidelines from influential women that will sustain your success and propel you forward.

As you hit new growth milestones, you will realize that knowing your non-negotiables is crucial. Without them, you’re heading for discontent, which hampers your current and future success.

It’s easy to overlook problems, making excuses to avoid conflict, fearing the loss of a client, or getting dazzled by potential gains at the cost of your values.

These ideas solidified during the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit, where remarkable women shared their journeys of overcoming significant hurdles to secure their leadership roles.

1. Address Difficult Conversations Immediately

Embrace uncomfortable conversations instead of avoiding them. They often bring new perspectives and clarity, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

2. Pause Before Making Emotional Decisions

If emotions drive a decision, take 24 hours to gain perspective.

3. Demand Equal Energy

Refuse to accept less energy than you give. Avoid toxic people who drain your resources.

4. Ask for What You Need

Don’t hesitate to ask for what you need to perform your best. It’s not about being high maintenance; it’s about meeting your standards.

5. Work-Life Balance is a Myth

Thausandra Brown Duckett of TIAA suggests treating life like a diversified portfolio rather than chasing work-life balance. Balance priorities over time and allow for adjustments.

6. Innovate with Incentives

Thai Randolph emphasizes the need for intrapreneurial opportunities in every endeavor. There should be incentives to innovate, build, and scale.

These principles have fostered a company culture that exceeds expectations. It’s about establishing a thriving environment for you, your team, and your business.