Mridvika Raisinghani, founder & CEO of Sama, created an AI tool to analyze patterns and curate interventions to retain female workforce and help organizations become equitable workplaces.

In 2011, Raisinghani left her job at Ernst & Young in New York and returned to India, inspired by her mother’s work with the World Bank and the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. She joined Teach for India, gaining experience in philanthropic fundraising and later supported Mindseed’s Series A fundraise and worked at Shortlist, an HR tech company.

In May 2022, after an 18-year career, Raisinghani took a sabbatical and joined the Antler programme for startup operators. She also hosted a podcast, “Just an Ordinary Mom,” discussing women’s experiences balancing motherhood and work.

Her conversations and research, including a report by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, revealed a significant gap in female labor force participation. She interviewed over 40 HR professionals and 300 women, discovering the data-deprived nature of the field and the unseen reasons women leave the workforce beyond marriage, motherhood, and mobility.

Raisinghani founded Sama, aiming to advance gender equity using an AI tool that provides workforce insights. Sama’s diagnostic tool collects over 130 variables to offer actionable insights and recommendations for organizations.

Sama also features an attribution engine to track the impact of organizational programs, helping companies focus on business-driven initiatives. Sama has built an ecosystem of partners providing services like financial literacy and gender sensitization.

Although Sama has eight paying clients, Raisinghani acknowledges the challenge of convincing organizations about the business impact of diversity. Sama received government support from Elevate Karnataka to implement its tool in MSMEs and IT companies in Bengaluru and Hyderabad, culminating in a comprehensive report on diversity needs.

As a bootstrapped startup, Sama faces challenges, particularly in networking and finding a CTO. Despite these hurdles, Raisinghani remains committed to scaling Sama through support from programs like StrongHer Ventures and the Aspiring Women Entrepreneur Tech programme with the US consulate.