When Raechel Canipe started Women in Tech and Entrepreneurship, it was a small group of ten friends.

“What I didn’t expect was women driving from Tallahassee, Orlando, Jacksonville, and South Florida to attend our Tampa events because they lacked local resources specifically for women in tech and entrepreneurship,” Canipe said.

Now, two years later, the group has expanded to over 3,000 women across the state, with half in tech and half as entrepreneurs.

Amy Crosby, a retired Silicon Valley veteran, joined to mentor others. “We have everything from tech startups to law firms, agencies, and small businesses like health coaches,” Crosby said.

Crosby partnered with entrepreneur Heather DePalma to build Profferfish, a tech platform helping high school students earn volunteer hours for Bright Future scholarships. “We made it more efficient for students, moving from paper to an online platform,” DePalma explained.

Profferfish aims to go statewide, while Women in Tech plans to go national. “You don’t need a computer science degree to succeed in this industry, and we want to help more women achieve that,” Canipe emphasized.