Women in business face numerous limitations, but digital entrepreneurship skills are now changing the system.

The glass ceiling is a metaphorical barrier preventing women from rising to the upper levels of business as easily as men. While not impossible, it is statistically improbable for women to reach top positions in corporations, leading to frustration among women in the business world.

In the early 1990s, a notable example occurred at Microsoft China, where female employees had to work harder and longer for promotions compared to their male colleagues. This experience taught valuable lessons about perseverance and the importance of focusing on actions rather than complaints.

Is it worth fighting the glass ceiling?

Instead of trying to break a system designed by men, women should band together and support each other. Internal self-limiting beliefs often plague women, making them hesitate to pursue achievable goals. Women should focus on inner growth and recognize that minor setbacks are not insurmountable barriers.

How digital entrepreneurship can open doors for personal growth

Modern technology allows women to bypass the glass ceiling by becoming entrepreneurs. Digital skills such as AI applications and social commerce enable women to start their own businesses and become self-sufficient.

An example of this is Joanne, a customer of a B2B e-commerce company DHgate, who transitioned from a university librarian to a full-time e-commerce entrepreneur by leveraging her online sourcing skills. Sharing her experiences and products on her blog built trust and a successful online store.

Entrepreneurs must take proactive steps to solve problems. Talking about the glass ceiling is important, but actions speak louder. Female empowerment should involve standing up, speaking out, and using inner strength to drive change.

While it may be uncommon for women to rise to CEO positions in major corporations, it is increasingly common to see women founders start their own companies and achieve great success. This trend of women’s empowerment is being market-tested and providing meaningful results, with the hope that the glass ceiling will disappear for future generations.

Rather than wasting energy on the boys’ club, finding proactive solutions in their own ventures is crucial for female entrepreneurs. Drawing strength from within, staying focused on goals, and pushing forward will enable women to achieve significant success free from traditional limitations.