The Taylor Swift-inspired friendship bracelet trend has seen a significant rise among the singer’s fan base, known as “Swifties.” These colorful bracelets, often adorned with lyrics from Swift’s songs, have become popular tokens of camaraderie among fans. While many have chosen to craft their own, others are turning to online platforms like Etsy to purchase them.

Bracelets at the Eras Tour

Jamie Tompkins, a 46-year-old events manager from Oklahoma, recounts her experience after attending Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour show in Arlington, Texas, with her daughter. As someone who already had an Etsy shop, PigtailsandPixiDust, selling hair bows and headbands, Tompkins ventured into the friendship bracelet scene after crafting a batch with her daughter for the concert. The remaining bracelets from the event found their way to her Etsy shop and sold out within two days, prompting Tompkins to produce more. Each pack of five bracelets, inscribed with famous Swift lyrics, is priced at $15. Tompkins sold over 5,000 bracelets on her Etsy shop this summer, resulting in approximately $16,000 in sales.

Inspiration Behind the Trend

Taylor Swift’s lyric, “Make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it, you’ve got no reason to be afraid,” from the song “You’re On Your Own Kid,” seems to be the catalyst for this trend. Fans have incorporated various elements from Taylor Swift’s discography into their bracelet designs, which they exchange during her concerts. Several fans and celebrities have been spotted wearing these friendship bracelets, with some even attempting to use them as a medium to communicate with the singer.

The Etsy Marketplace Responds

While many fans are crafting their own bracelets, a significant number prefer to purchase them from Etsy sellers like Tompkins. Currently, a search for “Eras friendship bracelet” on Etsy brings up over 7,500 results. Apart from finished bracelets, some Etsy sellers offer DIY kits. With the continued interest in these bracelets, Tompkins is contemplating making the transition to manage her Etsy shop full time.

Swift’s Tour and Its Economic Impact

The Eras Tour’s success extends beyond music. The Common Sense Institute has made a projection that the Eras tour could influence as much as $4.6 billion in total consumer spending in the U.S., accounting for elements ranging from ticket sales to dining.


The Taylor Swift-inspired friendship bracelet trend showcases the influence of pop culture on small businesses and consumer behavior. For Etsy sellers like Tompkins, it has provided an unexpected but welcome avenue for business growth.