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Taylor Ping, Founder of Forging Founders
Taylor Ping, Founder of Forging Founders

Taylor Ping founded Forging Founders on May 1 2023, a platform dedicated to encouraging women’s entrepreneurship. She has honed her skills as a CEO, speaker, and PR and media development manager, developing an esteemed reputation in her field.

With her extensive experience, Taylor has successfully collaborated with various international entrepreneurs, brands, and corporate clients, including high-profile media personalities and prominent brands. Her hands-on approach to fostering entrepreneurial and corporate growth is a testament to her commitment to development and innovation.

She has crafted a thriving community of over 10,000 women striving to advance their business careers. Her dedication to empowering and uplifting others is evident in her consistent efforts to nurture this growing network.

Taylor is also the visionary behind the PR media company, Hierarchy Media. As the founder and CEO, she has effectively expanded Hierarchy Media into five synergistic divisions, enabling her to cater to a wide range of clients at varying levels of notability.

Under Taylor’s expert guidance, Hierarchy Media has reached impressive milestones. Her strategies have resulted in significant exposure for her clients, with numbers reaching over 25 million views within a month. Across all her clients combined, Taylor has generated hundreds of millions of impressions, demonstrating her impactful influence in the media landscape.