Miami, Florida(Hexa PR Wire–January 9, 2024)Propy, a blockchain-based real estate transaction platform, has announced the listing of its PRO token on three additional major exchanges: HTX (Huobi), Mexc, and Coinstore. This expansion is part of an effort to enhance the liquidity of the PRO token by increasing its accessibility to a wider range of traders and institutions.

Market Presence of PRO Token

The PRO token, an ERC20 token, is already available on several exchanges including Coinbase, Uniswap, DigiFinex, Bitrue, and HitBTC. Key trading pairs for PRO include PRO/USDT, PRO/BTC, and PRO/WETH. At present, PRO boasts a fully diluted market cap exceeding $58,500,000 and a circulating supply of 100,000,000 tokens.

Propy’s Real Estate Services

Propy operates a 24/7 real estate firm and marketplace, leveraging AI and blockchain to streamline property transactions. Propy Title, as the world’s first blockchain-powered title and escrow company, offers services processed on the blockchain and recorded with local registrars, enhancing the speed and security of property closings.

Introduction of PropyKeys dApp

Concurrent with its new exchange listings, Propy has launched the PropyKeys dApp, allowing users to mint their home addresses and register them with Propy. This initiative, available on the Base Layer 2 Ethereum architecture, aims to facilitate new real estate transaction models such as instant sales or micro mortgages.

Propy’s Vision for the Future

Propy is dedicated to revolutionizing real estate transactions through a decentralized framework, aiming to enhance security, reduce costs, and expedite processes. The platform enables property purchases and sales as NFTs, converging the domains of crypto, AI, and real estate. Propy has been instrumental in numerous property transfers, leading innovation in decentralized real estate transactions.

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About Propy

Propy is a pioneering platform in blockchain technology for real estate transactions, specializing in secure and efficient property transfer solutions globally. The platform is a leader in integrating blockchain technology into the real estate sector.


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